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Dermal fillers are a non-surgical approach to restoring facial contours and volume loss and softening deep static lines and folds.

Treatment Overview

Purpose: To replace facial volume that depletes with age and enhance the lip area.
Lasts for: 6-9 months (depending on the treatment site/age/genetics/lifestyle).
Type of treatment: Facial aesthetics/skin-enhancing treatment.
Treatment duration: 30 minutes.

What are dermal fillers?

Our hyaluronic acid fillers provide patients with a non-surgical solution for skin volume deterioration.

Whilst the loss of skin volume is a normal part of the ageing process, it is possible to reintroduce plumpness and suppleness to the skin and slow this process down (which is where dermal fillers come in). Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a moisture-retaining substance that lives within the skin organically. When hyaluronic acid is administered to areas of the skin, it becomes firmer and plumper.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

  • Non-surgical approach without general anaesthetic.
  • Shorter recovery time.

Treatment journey

Step 1: Consultation

The consultation stage is a chance to learn about the treatments we offer for skin ageing and the ways in which they work. We will ask you a series of questions about your medical history to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Step 2: Tailored treatment plan

Following consultation, a treatment plan will be made to target suitable areas for treatment.

Step 3: Administering the fillers

In most cases, topical anaesthetic will be utilised prior to administering the dermal filler. As most fillers are hyaluronic acid based, this works to draw in moisture, creating a firming and plumping effect. Post-treatment advice and aftercare instruction will always be provided.


1. What are dermal fillers for?

Dermal fillers are most commonly used to restore volume to or enhance areas of the face, such as:

  • Smile lines.
  • Marionette folds.
  • Lips.

2. What are lip fillers?

Dermal fillers can be used on the lips to define, recontour or add volume. This can be carried out with a cannula (blunt-ended), a traditional needle or a combination of both.

3. Why choose a medical professional for facial aesthetics?

Medical professionals, especially dentists, have a complex understanding of the anatomy and vital structures of the face. They are prescribers of licensed and FDA-approved products and well-versed in administering these treatments on a daily basis such as anaesthetic.

4. Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are generally safe when administered by a qualified professional. We use FDA-approved products and the latest techniques to ensure safety and effectiveness.
However, as with any medical treatment, there are potential risks, which we discuss during your consultation.

5. Are dermal fillers worth it?

Many patients find dermal fillers worth the investment for their ability to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and enhance facial contours without the need for surgery.

The results are immediate, with minimal downtime, making them a popular choice for those seeking a youthful appearance.

6. What is used in dermal fillers?

Most dermal fillers used today are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the skin, which adds volume and hydrates the skin.

Other types include calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and polymethylmethacrylate beads, which cater to different needs and last various durations.

7. Are dermal fillers permanent?

Dermal fillers are not permanent. The longevity of the results depends on the type of filler used, the area treated, and individual factors like metabolism.

8. Which dermal fillers last the longest?

Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last from 6 to 18 months, while other types like poly-L-lactic acid can last up to two years or more.

9. What happens when dermal fillers wear off?

When dermal fillers wear off, the skin returns to its original appearance prior to treatment. This gradual process happens as the body naturally absorbs the filler material. Repeat treatments are necessary to maintain the desired effects.

10. What is the cost of dermal fillers in Standish?

The cost can vary widely based on the type of filler, the volume used, and the area being treated. Prices in Standish typically range from £200 to £600 per session. We provide a precise quote during your initial consultation.

11. How often can I get dermal fillers?

The frequency of dermal filler treatments depends on the type of filler used and how your body responds to it. Typically, treatments can be repeated every 6 to 18 months to maintain results.

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