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Our highly skilled dentists partner with some of the most talented technicians in the country to create bridges that will make the frustration of missing teeth a thing of the past.

We approach bridge creation with a meticulous eye for cosmetic detail, resulting in natural-looking smiles for our valued patients.

Treatment Overview

Purpose: To replace missing teeth/bridges and dentures that no longer fit.
Lasts for: 10-15 years.
Type of treatment: Restorative treatment to address one or more gaps in your smile.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement treatment that uses the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile to anchor a false tooth or teeth in place. This creates the ‘bridge’ that solves the issue of missing teeth and acts as an economical and durable solution for patients who want to smile confidently again and regain full control over their chewing and speaking abilities.

The materials used to make the crowns for your bridge largely depend on where the gaps in your smile lie. Here at Circ, we select only materials of remarkable quality, such as feldspathic porcelain, E-max or zirconia.

Our dentists work digitally, using 3D scanners to send an accurate model of your teeth to the dental technician. This digital means of workflow not only leaves no margin for inaccuracies but also speeds up the overall treatment journey for our patients – we aim to get you smiling again as soon as possible, with no compromise on the quality of treatment you receive from our skilled dentists in Wigan.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

Eating will be easy again

Living with missing teeth or underperforming bridgework or dentures can make eating a tough challenge. Your dental bridge is fixed in position, granting you the new-found freedom to chew without any major restrictions.

Protect your smile alignment

A bridge stops your teeth from moving out of their natural position and causes problems, including jawbone loss and decay.

Cost-effective smile restoration

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that’s accessible to a range of budgets and needs. We can also offer 0% finance and practice plans to accommodate your financial requirements.

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