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Clarity 3M

Have you been dreaming of a straighter smile, but you don’t want to commit to wearing a conspicuous metal brace? Clarity 3M ceramic braces blend in with your teeth and give you a comfortable brace-wearing experience.

Clarity 3M braces encompass a fixed brace design that uses translucent brackets on each individual tooth. They are fully customised, which is made possible by taking digital impressions of your teeth and mouth shape. Tooth-coloured wires are then created to bond each bracket together, rendering their design even more discreet.

Teeth straightening with metal braces has never been easier or more discreet than with Clarity 3M braces.

Benefit summary:

  • Discreet brace (translucent ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires).
  • Ceramic brackets are stain-resistant.
  • Renowned brand with durability.
  • Small bracket design.
  • Designed with patient comfort in mind (includes smooth bracket surfaces).

Please call Circ Dental to book a consultation to discuss your options for teeth straightening with fixed metal braces.



1. Why choose 3M?

The 3M brand is a pioneer in orthodontic technology. They have been researching teeth-straightening and enhancing patients’ lives with sophisticated brace designs for over a century. Here at Circ Dental, we are proud to partner with this forward-thinking ceramic fixed metal brace brand.

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