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Our dentists are committed to helping you ensure the long-term well-being of your teeth.

Here at Circ Dental, we use diagnostic technology that can detect dental problems early and offer constructive and judgment-free feedback that will empower you to take fantastic care of your teeth.

Prevention-driven dentistry in a modern setting

Our modern dental practice is home to cutting-edge equipment, including cone beam CT machines and intra-oral scanners, which refine the patient experience dramatically. These technologies enable us to make accurate and timely diagnoses so we can spot emerging problems with your oral health early on.

Preventative-orientated dentistry can go a long way in helping you retain your natural teeth for many years. Along with carrying out examinations and delivering the treatment to make this possible, our goal is to support you with your at-home care. Your dentist may suggest ways to alter your lifestyle with a view to improving your dental function and the aesthetic of your teeth.

Invested in your well-being

Our dentists are continuously updating their skill base and qualifications by participating in training, enabling them to stay updated with the latest treatment methods. We believe in working alongside dentists who are passionate about the provision of premium dental care, whether it be check-ups, restorative, cosmetic or hygiene-based dental care.

Your dental check-up

Tooth check-up

Your dentist will examine the condition of your teeth and any dental work you may have. They may suggest restorative treatment if signs of decay or infection are spotted. Issues such as enamel erosion may also be picked up on, and your dentist can help you develop a lifestyle plan to stop this from escalating further.

Oral cancer screening

A full oral cancer screening is performed at each of your dental check-ups. This is a very simple examination during which your dentist will check for symptoms such as:

  • White or red patches and lumps.
  • Changes to your bite/loose teeth.
  • Lesions or sores.
  • Ulcers (your dentist may ask how long you have had a particular ulcer).

In-house hygienist referrals

We recommend attending an appointment with our in-house hygienist at least twice a year. Your dentist may recommend more regular appointments with the hygienist if an issue with your gums has been flagged during your dentist appointment. Hygienists provide care specific to gum health, helping reduce your risk of gum disease (which remains the top reason why adults prematurely lose their teeth!)

Dental maintenance plans

Our dental maintenance plans have been put together to encourage a preventive mindset and, ultimately, to keep your teeth and gums in great condition. Spread the cost of your treatment and join in just minutes.

View our maintenance plans

Helping nervous patients every step of the way

Making sure dental care is accessible for nervous patients is something that is really close to our hearts. A trip to the dentist should never make you feel anxious. If you feel scared of visiting, our compassionate team will help you overcome your fears at your own pace. We are very happy for you to come in to meet the team and have a tour of the practice so you can decide if we’re a good fit for you.

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