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Upgrade loose dentures or replace multiple missing teeth with implant-retained dentures.

This modern alternative to conventional dentures uses the power of implants to stabilise a whole set of dentures in position, leading to better chewing function and confidence levels.

Treatment Overview

Purpose: To replace multiple missing teeth with surgically placed implants and custom-made dentures.
Lasts for: Implants are a long-lasting solution for replacing your tooth; the implant itself is generally over 20 years old. Your denture, however, may need to be replaced every 10-15 years.
Type of treatment: Tooth replacement treatment that supports jawbone and gum health.

What are implant-retained dentures?

In a tooth replacement treatment, implant-retained dentures are secured with titanium implants, providing a biocompatible alternative to a real tooth root. Your custom-made dentures will be removable, allowing you to clean around your implants easily and accurately.

Our skilled dentists understand that choosing to replace missing teeth is a significant decision in a patient’s life. We will explain how implant-retained dentures compare to other tooth replacement treatments, and you will never be rushed into a decision – everything is done at your pace.

Benefits of implant-retained dentures

Fully bespoke-fitting set of teeth

There are few things worse than dentures moving around in your mouth every time you try to sit down to enjoy your favourite foods. With your new implant-retained dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy eating all those foods you have missed.

Long-term support for your jawbone

The surgical implantation of the implants ensures your jawbone receives the necessary support to stay strong. Implants prevent the jawbone from shrinking away, protecting your facial structure and vitality.

Confidence-enhancing treatment

Implant-retained dentures significantly reduce patients’ fears that their teeth will slip or fall out while laughing and talking, leading to better confidence and quality of life.

The treatment process

Step 1: Consultation

As dentists, the consultation process is key. It gives us an opportunity to get to know you and how you feel about your smile and to explain how implant-retained dentures can transform your life and oral health prospects in the future.

Suppose you have been wearing removable dentures or a bridge for a number of years. In that case, we can also outline how implants can elevate the functionality of these restorations and give you a better quality of life.

A CBCT scan is taken to check your suitability for treatment (this involves checking the density of your jawbone and the areas of your jaw with optimal density for implant placement).

Step 2: Placing your implants

Your second appointment will involve the surgical placement of your implants. This is performed under local anaesthetic. Once the implant is within the jaw, a healing period of 3-6 months commences. We will supply you with temporary dentures to wear, which will replace your bespoke permanent dentures once your implant has fully fused with your jawbone.

Step 3: Your new smile

Your new long-term dentures are ready to be fitted. These are made to specific aesthetic specifications and measurements, making them a complete and natural fit for your mouth.

Dental implant treatment provided by professional dentists at Circ

Choose Circ Dental for excellent clinical care and delivery of treatment with dental implants. Our missing tooth solutions, such as dental implants, are designed to be patient-orientated, tailored, seamless and built to last.


1. How do dental implants work?

Dental implants stand out as a means of replacing a missing tooth, as they are the most functional and tooth-like option. Implants are placed into the jawbone by our skilled oral surgeon. Following this procedure, the body’s healing mechanisms get to work, inducing integration between the implant and the jawbone.

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